Abs done Fast To Produce Results

Jun 30, 2014
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Abs done Fast To Produce Results

If you want Sharp looking abs, then this is your solution

If you Play sports you need to know that ab development is essential

Do you play baseball, softball, throw a football or some sport that has you throwing something? If not then this still can be a relevant piece of information for you. But if you do then you better listen up.

Your abdominal strength is a vital part of any Athletes game. Because of all the rapid movements stemming from a swing, pitch, jump, tackle, throw or any athletic movement, the abdominal muscles are key in performance. Having a strenuous training schedule that focuses on core strength and routine abdominal training could in turn have dramatic affects on your game.

Recent research showed significant muscle activity and muscle activation with ballistic movements of the spine and the trunk when athletes performed both a baseball type throw and a boxer’s punch. So what does this mean? We all know boxers train their abs in an almost torturous pattern, however we are not suggesting you do the same as a Baseball Player or a boxer. However you better make sure you have a routine. There is more significant order of muscle activity that occurs during these movements as there is more ROM occurring in the abdominals with these movements, so training your abs is a MUST. Additionally research has shown that if you perform the ab crunch at a rapid steady pace rather than slow and controlled, more muscle fiber activity is present in not only the rectus abdominus but the external obliques. SO make sure to try speeding up your routine in the first few reps of any abdominal exercise to maximize the stimulation of the entire abdominal area.

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