Build a Better Chest

Jul 01, 2013
Build a Better Chest

The best feature you will ever read on how to target every area of your chest possible.

When most guys in the gym train, the typical muscle group they always hit is CHEST. Some may not even know that they are intending on training this specific body part. We all know the type and may have even been there at one point ourselves. We walk in and the first piece of equipment we jump on is the BENCH.

Seriously, when the discussions happen about working out, the cliche question "How much ya bench" always comes up to those of us that train. What most do not know, is that there are so many exercises that offer tremendous benefits to the Fan Shaped Muscle that is the pectoralis Major that is the primary muscle targeted when we think training our chest.

Facts on the Pecs

The fact that this type of muscle is fan shaped, means that that it can be emphasized through many different variations with many movements, which target many areas of the pecs you may not even know about.

Ask yourself this question

Even if you are a seasoned gym veteran, do you think of hand placement, position of the elbows, or which grip you are using when you do your sets of bench, flys and other pressing movements? Even if you do, do you know which part, or parts of the chest you are actually targeting.

Which areas can be targeted?

Most guys want the separation in between their pecs which truly give their chest the definition when you strut around with your shirt off. So, how must you have your elbows positioned to target the inner pec muscle fibers that help with giving you the separation in this area?

How do you truly target the upper pec muscle fibers that bring up the pecs into the clavicle, which gives you girth and width?

These are only a few examples of the many variations of things to be aware of when training not just your pecs and chest, but ANY muscle group.

In the below set of videos I dive into the ways to maximize your overall development of your chest through a variety of movements and then list the workout program using these movements in the below program.

Watch the videos and then execute the program to get the Bigger, Better Chest you are striving for.

Take care,
Mike McErlane


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