Building Explosive Triceps

Aug 26, 2013
Building Explosive Triceps

Here is a technique used to build and shape your triceps.

Trainers and experts alike can agree that the majority of their clientele always attribute a great physique to having great looking arms. Having nice well developed tone arms that scream "I train" is a goal that many gym enthusiasts have. That being said, many experts truly miss some of the most beneficial ways to really spawn the right type of result that each of us want.

Millions of fitness types who do train and thousands of trainers who serve as the fitness authorities simply do not have the education and or the experience to understand the little tricks that can sometimes make all the difference in the world.

If you train, then you know that at some point, the soreness, the level of difficulty, no matter the workout and or the program, eventually subsides. Can we all agree that we have either seen this for ourselves, or at least see it with the crowd that frequents our local Gym watering hole? I see the same folks in the gym where I train who have literally been doing the same program for YEARS and they either look the exact same, or in some cases they are actually regressing from the success they otherwise could be seeing.

I get questioned quite frequently by these folks, "Mike, how to you maintain?" The secret is more obvious than one would think. My answer is always the same, "I train following a structured program that ALWAYS has The right change at the right time. Go to my site and get on a program."

Now of course many have their own set of workouts that you are never going to convinve them to stray from and I get it, but that still does not mean you can take some of the tricks, and exercises and grouping of movement I lay out in the Workout 101 videos and apply them.

Now the below video I demonstrate a technique of pre exhaust training that can be used when training your triceps. I pick two great exercises that can be grouped together in a SUPER SET style and should be worked into your triceps program at the beginning of a triceps workout.

Here is the video

Here is the Workout

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