Curbing The Cravings

Mar 18, 2011
Curbing The Cravings

Need some help with your weaknesses when it come to food?

Food Triggers

What is it that keeps us from having the ultimate power over our food choices?  What makes that piece of luscious chocolate cake so irresistible?  While the foods that taste sinfully good to us have so many ingredients that we shouldn’t be eating, the reasons that we cave in to our food desires may not rely only on the foods themselves.  Our own biochemical make up could help to dictate what foods we crave and which foods we can easily pass by. 


It is not well understood how the chain of events for caving in to food cravings starts, but what is known is that there is some type of trigger that works to initiate the process.  These triggers include food flavors and combinations, environmental stimuli, and emotional state.  It is no surprise that the most commonly used food trigger in the restaurant industry is the combination of salt and fat.  How else would they consistently get you to purchase meals in portion sizes that could feed three people?


Since triggers can initiate a biochemical response in the brain which will lead us to overeating, the easiest way to avoid the triggers is to steer clear of them.  This can be difficult to do especially if you work in an office which frequently supplies cookies and cakes or donuts.  You must be especially vigilant in these situations.  If the baked goods are left on the table in the break room, eat your lunch at your desk or go outside and get some fresh air.  By cutting down tempting opportunities to indulge, you will suit yourself well in avoiding the triggers which cause us to overeat. 


Another great recommendation for curbing your trigger cravings is being very aware of what foods cause you to cave.  Do you like potato chips?  French Fries?  If this is the case, your trigger may be salt.  Make better food choices by choosing foods with low sodium content.  After a period of time, your body will learn to adjust and you may just find that you are no longer wanting salty Chinese food or placing extra salt on your veggies to add to the flavor. 


There are a number of things that you can try to curb your food cravings.  By taking the time to explore common foods that trigger overeating, you will soon be able to get your cravings and diet under control.  Remember, if you do decide that you cannot resist that piece of cake, eating only a few bites may be enough to satisfy your appetite.  Everything in moderation is the key to diet success. 



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