Dumbbell Front Squat - Simple Yet Effective

Apr 05, 2010
Dumbbell Front Squat - Simple Yet Effective

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The Dumbbell Front Squat isn't an exercise you see performed in a gym too often. However it is a great way to mix some new movements into your already existing workout program. Just like The traditional barbell Front squat having many unique benefits that the the barbell back squat does not, the Dumbbell Front squat has many unique benefits that the Regular DB squat does not.

The 3 Major Benefits


Just by holding the dumbbells in front of the shoulders causes you to sit in a more erect position lowering the amount of hip torque that is used while squatting. As a result the front quads are more involved in the movement and less stress on the lower back. So if you looking for a different way to get the teardrop effect in your legs, you cant go wrong with this movement.


By using Dumbbells, the whole process in holding the weight completely changes. With a Barbell during a front squat, traditionally and with proper technique the barbell rests on the front part of the shoulders, while with the dumbbells you literally must hold them in place without resting them anywhere. This causes more work to be done due to the fact that your shoulders are in a static contracted state the entire time. More work = more muscle growth and more calories burned.


The last benefit I will outline would be that the DB Front Squat is a killer core movement. You must maintain a very sturdy core to keep balanced. Your stomach and abs must be contracted very tightly in order to perform correctly. So while your goal is to have your legs do most of the work, you'll find that every muscle especially your core will be battling through each and every rep.

So the next time you train make sure to check this one exercise on to your list of Must Haves in the gym.


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