Do you have the Horse-Shoe?

Mar 13, 2010
Do you have the Horse-Shoe?

"TRI" this out the nest time you want some big arms

Your Arms never looked so good!

We all want the meat-hooks that drape from our rear delts down to our elbows right? Well, there are many ways to get the horseshoe on the back of your arms. The Traditional Triceps exercises are somewhat of a repetitive movement due to the fact that most triceps exercises are single joint exercises, meaning that there is only one moving joint during the movement.

If you watched any of Dr. Jim Stoppanis M&F Raw videos you can get a few tips on other movements that can overload the triceps in a variety of ways. This little secret in the video below is a single joint type of movement we might be familiar with, however by using the M&F Strength Bands you can actually get more benefit than traditional ways of performing the Triceps Kickback. Watch below and see for yourself.


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