Eating right with some RULES

Jan 09, 2009
Eating right with some RULES

Follow the simple rules that can force you to eat right and start a new habit!

In today’s day we tend to complicate things that should be a synch. If things matter to us enough we will figure them out sooner or later. Like figuring out how to work the microwave or DVD player for the first time, once we do it, it becomes a mindless effort. Eating correctly can be the same and become a very simple task once you follow the rules.

Rule one - Portion Control

Make sure that you consume just enough food that satisfies your hunger, and does not fill you up. The rule is simple. The more calories you burn vs. calories consumed and you will LOSE weight. The more calories you consume and the less you burn, you GAIN weight. When eating meals it is okay to eat foods you enjoy, just do not eat in excess. Try adapting your eating habits and incorporate some fruit, Vegetables, and meat. (Think, “eat like a caveman”). Eat things in there most natural form. The extra additives are usually what make simple foods “bad” for you.

Rule 2 - Spread the Meals

Eat more than 2 or 3 meals per day. Typically this can spawn Portion Control without any effort. You’ll find that by eating 5-6 meals per day will actually keep you satisfied throughout the day and less likely to gorge yourself every time you do have the chance to eat. Try following the rule of 3. Every 3 hours, eat!

Rule 3 - Drink Water

Make sure that instead of drinking the “Man Made” beverages, you’ll find that you will actually have more energy by drinking fluids like water and juices. An easy tip is to carry a bottle of water with you throughout the day. Again without thinking, you will just consume water even when you are not dying of thirst. Doing this keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Time to eat - Sample Meal Plan

3 Whole Eggs (or egg whites)
2 cups cooked Oatmeal
10oz. Cottage Cheese
1 cup sliced Pineapple
Whole Wheat Bread
Tbspn. Peanut Butter
4-6 oz. Turkey (sliced)
1 Tbspn Mayo or Mustard
2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread
Protein Shake
2 scoops Whey Protein
4-6oz. Salmon
1 cup Broccoli
2 Cups Green Salad
2 Tbspn. Olive Oil. Balsamic dressing
2 Scoops Casein Protein

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