Go On, Slam That Back

Aug 25, 2011
Go On, Slam That Back

Another great Back workout form Lisa Robins

By Lisa Robins,

Workout Trainer Expert

Did you know that a strong back holds the secret key to completing a solid and sexy upper body?


Although you can’t see it when you look at yourself in the mirror, consistent back training will provide incredible posture, minimize your waistline, as well as compliment round, statuesque shoulders. Attacking your back muscles with no-nonsense, basic moves is crucial for any women longing to complete her upper-body package.


Territory rules… Being that your three major back muscles occupy the largest part of your upper trunk, adding lean muscle mass and diminishing overall body fat percentage in the lats (width), rhomboids (posture and depth) and your erector spinae (flexion, extention and rotation) will not only fine you’re your physique’s appearance, but also increase your metabolic rate, so your body works more efficiently.


Slam that back training plan should be completed1-2 days a week, on non-consecutive days of the week to reap the rewards that back muscles are made for.


MANDATORY WARM-UP: 6-10 minutes of easy cardio of your choice



3 sets of 12-15 repetitions

Set up: Feet are firmly planted on the floor, with a wide and secure hand grip on the straight bar attachment.

Execution: Pull the bar down to your upper chest as you focus on keeping a straight back, exhale and squeeze your back. Pause, inhale and slowly return to the starting position as you stretch your arms upward and repeat.



4 sets (15, 12, 10, 8 reps) eliminating a few pounds of assisted weight with each set.
Set up: Slowly step down onto the step or foot plate as you securely grasp the pullup bar with both hands in a wide grip.

Execution: Slowly lower your body down, as both arms straighten and stretch with a soft elbow. Inhale, lift and pull yourself up with a slight arch in your back so you properly engage your back muscles. Lower and repeat. Remember, you are using assisted weight on this machine, the more weight you select on the machine, the easier the exercise and vice versa.



3 sets of 12-15 repetitions

Set up: Grab your bar with a strong, overhand grip, about shoulder-width apart. Place your heels under your hips, bend your knees and lower your torso so it is horizontal to the floor.

Execution: Inhale and purposely lift bar to your upper waist with elbows pointing to the ceiling. Exhale, straighten arms, lower the bar and repeat. It is crucial to focus on keeping your knees soft and abdominals tight throughout the exercise to prevent hamstring and back injury.



3 sets of 30 repetitions each

Set up: Attach tube to a rail or bar that is about waist level. Grab a handle in each hand and step back far enough so that there is no slack in the tube when your arms are extended straight.

Execution: With feet firmly planted on the floor, knees slightly bent and chest upright, pull both handles to hips, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Too easy? Step back further away from the band’s attachment point to create more tension.


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