Hers Taboo Hang Clean

Jun 16, 2009
Hers Taboo Hang Clean

Learn how to overcome your Taboo thought on TRUE exercises!

Most women do not fully understand the benefits of certain Taboo exercises. One in particular is the barbell Hang clean. After all it it’s a very difficult to perfect and takes many repetitions with proper technique to really get the benefits it offers. However once you are able to execute it you will consider it a must have in your next workout session.

Follow the directions

To execute the movement correctly it is important to understand a few key movements. First you must take a shoulder width grip on the barbell and literally let the barbell hang right above the knees. (hence the term Hang Clean). Next jump up as fast and as high as you can quickly shrugging the barbell in an upward movement. As the bar is on its way up, drop down and snap your arms under. It is important to keep the bar close to your body as possible as you jump and shrug the bar. Once you drop and squat under the bar, stand up, get centered and return the bar back down to the starting position and continue with the repetitions.

Hers Hang Clean Video

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