Hit The Track and Blast Fat

Feb 21, 2011
Hit The Track and Blast Fat

Jump on the Track and Get into shape

Lisa Robins www.lisarobinsfitness.com Team SCI-FIT

Get off the treadmill, get outside and check out this heart-pounding workout that will not only blast fat, but aggressively fight cardio-machine boredom. This workout encompasses a total of four exercises, broken-down in two circuits, with a heart-pounding cardio-blast at the end. Complete both Circuit 1 and Circuit 2, each followed by the Cardio Blast, and repeat the entire workout 3-times per session.


Take at least one lap around the track at a decent, steady pace.


Walking Lunges:

15 repetitions per leg Begin standing tall, with your abs pulled-in tight and your heels under hips on the lowest bleacher. Step up with right foot onto the next bleacher and drop your left knee to just above the ground in order to create a 90 degree angle in both legs. To execute a safe lunge, lower your body by flexing knee and hip of front leg until your knee of rear leg is almost in contact with floor. With power, shift your weight to the front leg and stand as you push the back leg off the lower bleacher. Lunge forward with opposite leg. Repeat and alternate the lead leg. Tricep Dips: 30 repetitions With the palms of your hands flat on the bleacher, place your heals hip-distance width apart on the bleacher below. Slowly load your triceps by bending your elbows downward as your hips drop toward the ground. Exhale, straighten your arms and squeeze your triceps in both arms. Repeat at a steady pace.


Lateral Squats:

Complete 20 repetitions per side Stand sideways with both feet flat on the bleachers, with the right leg on the higher, and left leg on the level lower. Squat into both knees simultaneously, push your glutes back and lower your body towards the ground below. With momentum, stand up strong and shift your weight to your right foot as you push the left foot off the lower bleacher and place it beside the right foot on the same bleacher. Bend both knees and place your right foot on the next level bleacher and squat again. Repeat until you get to the top. Carefully jog down, face the other direction and lead with the opposite leg.

Push Ups on the Decline:

15-30 repetitions depending on your fitness level. Place your hands under your shoulders on the cement and turn your toes under as they grip the lowest bleacher. With strong abdominal engagement, bend your elbows and lower your shoulders to the ground while keeping your hips in-line with your spine. Exhale while pressing your hands downward and push your body weight upward squeezing both your upper chest and shoulders. Repeat with confidence.


Complete the blast for 3 minutes after you finish Circuit One. Hit Circuit Two and add another Cardio Blast when you are done. Return to Circuit One until each circuit is preformed three times. Running the Bleachers: Get ready to set your stop watch! Beginning at the lowest level of the bleachers, run as fast as you can to the top, safely and swiftly. Turn around a jog down to the starting point and repeat.

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