Increase your Vertical Jump Guaranteed

Nov 13, 2013
User Article Submitted by Mike McErlane
Increase your Vertical Jump Guaranteed

This article and workout are intended for those that seek to improve their overall Power and improve athletic ability

Just Jump

In athletics, we all strive to perform at our best. The most inspiring words a coach ever said to me were, "I am excited for your potential." Fortunately his words did not just stop there. He gave me a precise plan to follow to help me achieve success, not just in the weight room, but on the field. 

That is precisely what I intend to do here and in this article. Athletes are always being told what do do, but few actually know exactly why they are doing things in the weight room when instructed. This is one area where I have a major issue with in most strength room settings. A great Strength Coach should always first inform the athlete not just what do do, but why, and what type of result or outcome will be generated from the program and or exercises performed. I have found that with all the athletes of whom I have trained, have seen better results when I explained that this program will help them in specific areas of performance.

With that being said, the below program outlines a precise week long workout that is to be completed over the course of 4 weeks. The same exact workout will be executed each of the four weeks with only increases in weight. The set and rep scheme will remain the same. The ONLY changing variable will be moderate increases in the weight used for each exercise. 

The below program is designed precisely to help improve your power, vertical jump and overall strength. Athletes are creatures of the lower half. What do I mean? I mean that in most athletic sports that are performed either on the field and or court, an athlete MUST focus on training the lower half of their bodies. With the program below, you will see that the majority of the movements are for just that. 

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