Isolation vs. Integration

Oct 15, 2010
Isolation vs. Integration

Have a Little fun with some unconventional Movements


Out Of the Ordinary

Yesterday I did an AMAZING workout flipping a 600 lb. tractor tire and today I am definitely feeling the effects of it from the base of my skull to the bottoms of my heels.


If we take a look at traditional "bodybuilding" training it involves a lot of "isolation" exercises. Biceps curls, triceps extensions, crunches, leg extensions ect


If we look at any sporting activity like MMA, football, basketball or anything for that matter it is all integrative. You cannot flip a guy, throw a football or dunk a basketball by isolating a particular must integrate and integrate properly to get the maximum results.


As you know may or may not I am an advocate of "non traditional" workouts that challenge on many levels. My approach to fitness, since I stopped competing in bodybuilding back in 97,  is to do exercises and programs that actually apply to life, athletics and everyday  functional situations.


Now flipping a tire certainly isn't something you do everyday, but the mechanics behind it will teach you to use your body as a unit as opposed to individual parts. Take a biceps curls for example, you are just using biceps only right?


I must admit, before yesterday I had never flipped a 600 pound tire before so I didn't know exactly how I should go about it... "properly".


When my friend first broke it down to me, he made it very clear it wasn't a dead lift, but more of a full body press.  This is where many go wrong when tire flipping, they take a traditional dead lift approach.


This is very different in many regards.

It is a very EXPLOSIVE and INTEGRATIVE movement otherwise it can be very dangerous.


I'm not bashing traditional, time honored movements, by any means. I'm simply trying to help you understand that training outside of your traditional patterns is vital to consistent growth and progress.


The body, when fully engaged, with proper technique and focus will absolutely amaze you at how strong and effective it can be. When I did my first flip of that tire I was all over the place.My instructor kept telling me, "step away, lean in, press with your legs and explode"  When I incorporated his full body integration technique I began throwing that thing around with ease, but it was a heck of a lot easier once I understood and applied what he was telling me.


 There is absolutely a time and place for both isolation and integrative movements in your training regimen, but overall I prefer to do exercises that utilize my body as a whole. I feel that in the long run you will be better off for a multitude of reasons. Things like caloric expenditure, time, cardio, athleticism just to name a few. Do I throw in a few sets of biceps curls from time to time? Yes, of course but the transition from the chest to overhead press with a 600 pound tire will wear your biceps out...not to mention all of the little stabilizers and other muscles "you never knew you had".


Its Normal

Bending and picking things up will always be a part of human movement, who knows when you may have to push a strangers car out of a snow bank or help a friend move, so why not be strong in that environment?


Integrating and doing compound movements should be a part of your routine. Think outside of the "back and biceps box." Be creative, innovative and be sure to let us all know about what you are doing as I am always open to new routines that challenge me to be bigger, stronger and faster.


My Suggestion

As far as recovery is concerned good nutrition and supplementation is vital. I often see people skipping meals and overlooking the importance of choosing the "proper" supplementation for their specific need or activity. In respect to flipping 600 pound tires I sip Shockwave by Sci-Fit during and after the event. The synergistic blend of ingredients like Kre-Alkalyn, Glutamine, Karbo-Lyn, Branch Chains, HMB, Glucosamine make it the perfect 2 phase support my body needs during intense activity.


I'm a firm believer that if you are pushing your body to limits that you shouldn't limit your progress by limiting vital nutrients that you need to sustain and recover. Makes perfect sense right? I think so!

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