Legs Chest and Arms Band Workout

Mar 23, 2016
Legs Chest and Arms Band Workout

Increase your results with this band only workout

This workout is a workout utilizing the JYM Strength Bands for a great chest legs and arms workout. Many JYM Army members are desire band only workouts. Well, here ya go! This program is a part of one of my 4 week band only workouts on this website. So give it a try and stay JYM Army strong!

Take care,
Mike McErlane

ExerciseSetsRepsMuscle Group
Sumo Squat With Band315Legs
3-Point Lunge310Legs
Laying on Ground Leg Curl With Band Both Legs312Legs
Laying On Ball Leg Extension With Band312Legs
Close Grip Push Ups38Chest
Decline Flys One Arm315Chest
Standing Incline Chest Press With Band Both Arms320Chest
Seated On Ball One Leg Bicep Curl With Band Both Arms Behind420Arms
Standing Triceps Extension With Band Both Arms425Arms
Laying on Ball Abdominal Crunches Hands by Head With Band330Abs

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