Lemon for EGCG Benefits

Mar 18, 2011
Lemon for EGCG Benefits

Get a Little Tip On What You need to add to your Green tea

Drinking Green Tea

If you dont know by now, research has shown that Green Tea has ingredients that help tremendously in the promotion of Fat Loss. Green tea has Catechins and EGCG's that can help speed up the fat burning process, help with Muscle Edurance and additionally help the bodies immune system.

Since it can be difficult to find a place that always has Hot Green tea or if you don't want to take the time to heat up the kettle a great alternative if Iced green tea. Iced Green tea has the same benefits, however no matter which you either prefer or have access to at the time, always make sure to ask for a slice of lemon.

So why?

>Adding lemon to green tea boost's the level of antioxidants and also helps with the uptake of the EGCG to the body. Since lemon and green tea antioxidants complement each other, having them together is a must in my opinion. Lemon can also increase the health benefits found in green tea. A recent study at Purdue University stated that adding ascorbic acid such as lemon can help the body absorb the catechins and EGCG at a much more efficient rate than consuming just Green tea alone.

So the nest time that you drink Green Tea, Make sure not to forget the Lemon.

A Little Tip

Green Tea Extract can Be Better at giving the body the benefits of the EGCG than drinking Green Tea. A recent Study found that by supplementing Green Tea Extract or consuming the Supplement Green Tea Extract allowed for the body to absorb much more EGCG's than drinking Green Tea. In My opinion it is always good to consume both, but for the better of the two supplementing Green Tea Extract is a MUST.

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