Master The Power Clean

Aug 20, 2013
User Article Submitted by Mike McErlane
Master The Power Clean

Get a detailed instruction from Mike McErlane on how to Master this Complex Lift

The Power Clean is one of the best movements to increase explosive power and overall strength when training.

It has graced sports performance facilities for decades as a go to movement for athletes performing in various sports. With the popularity of Crossfit and other performance types of training, this movement which was mostly performed by athletes under the watchful eye of a Strength Coach, has sprung up as a favorite among most gym rats today.

The Issue

Because this requires a great deal of technique, many who attempt this movement even if overseen by a trainer, can still lack the benefits of the Power Clean, or worse yet injure themselves in their attempts.

The Phases

During the Power Clean there are different phases that make up the entire movement. Strict adherence to each phase and what to do must be performed perfectly to maximize the benefit and stay safe.

The approach

Many do not realize that this is where the lift starts. You don’t simply walk up to a bar and start lifting. You must position yourself at the very start before any movement happens.

Step to the Bar with a shoulder width stance. The bar should be within an inch or so from your shins. Grasp the barbell just on the outside of the legs, and roll your wrist forward slightly. Bend at the knees and hips to lower down. Your back should be flat with your chest broad. (Stick your chest out and squeeze your shoulder blades together). The head should be up and forward looking straight ahead.

The First Pull

Stand upright as quickly and violently as possible using your LEGS, and keeping your chest broad and back flat. The bar should come up staying close to your legs and just past the knees.

The Transition/Scoop

As soon as the bar moves past your knees, the transition of the load from the heels should move to the toes and your hips should come forward.

The second Pull

Immediately during the transition you need to jump and shrug as hard and fast as possible. The momentum from each phase should have the barbell drive upwards into the second pull, which allows the barbell to pop upward. NOTE- Think of getting your elbows high and up like in a barbell upright row)

The Catch

As soon as the barbell passes your hips and pops upward, you must drop under the bar, by literally pulling yourself “under the bar” and “catch” the barbell onto the anterior portion of the shoulders. The elbows should arch forward and upward to where the barbell literally rests onto the shoulders.

The rack

Most forget about the rack as it is the finishing movement in the Power clean to where you stand upright with the barbell “racked” onto the shoulders. The feet should come together as you gather yourself to complete the lift.

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