No Butts About It

Mar 19, 2011
No Butts About It

Get up off your Butt and go get One

Lisa Robins- Team Sci Fit

Stop making excuses!

You do not have to live with a flat, tiny butt forever!  Ladies… With just the right training plan and commitment, your cheeks can be as round as a shinny apple.

In all seriousness, your “glutes”, or formally recognized the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Minimus, is the mighty, trilateral muscle- group that builds a tight and toned bottom.  Yes, we all have our genetically inherited curves, or lack there of, but with some effective resistance moves and focus, you are sure to fill-out that teeny backside.

This workout is a scorcher… Get ready to burn that booty!

Mandatory Warm-up:

7-10 minutes walking on the treadmill on a 15-level graded incline, climbing at a speed of 2.6-3.0 mph.

Circuit 1—Complete 3 times in this order

Weighted Static Lunges on Smith Squat

Duration:          15 repetitions per leg
Training Tip:     Keep the workload tight with a small range of motion. Drop back knee to the floor, push through your front heal and lift only half way up, drop and repeat.

Glute Press:

Duration:        30 repetitions, with two feet on the machine.
Training Tip:    As you push the machine up and outward, squeeze your glutes tight, pause for a few seconds, lower and repeat

Walking Lunges:

Duration:        30 sets or 15 per leg.
Training Tip:    As you drop your back knee to the floor, maintain force though the front heal. Push off that heal as you step forward with the back leg. Both legs should form a 90-degree angle as you sink to the floor.

Circuit 2--Complete 3 times in this order

Lying Hamstring Curl

Duration: 20, 15, 12, adding weight on each set as repetitions decrease.
Training Tip:  Keep your hips pressed down on the machine as you lift and curl your legs up and back. As you lower you legs, elongate and lengthen you hamstrings before you curl you legs up again.

One-Legged Weighted Deadlifts with Dumbbells

Duration:  15 per leg
Training Tip:  As you balance on one leg and bend the other behind, tip from your hip and slightly bend your grounded leg, pause, push your grounded heal into the floor and exhale and lift.

Split Squat Plyometric Jumps

Duration:  20 repititions or 10 per leg.
Training Tip:  Make sure you jump long and strong, so you maintain at least a 90-degree flexion in both knees. Exhale and you push off the floor and use your core for balance.

Circuit 3—Repeat 2 times in this order

Weighted Step-Ups with a Knee Lift

Duration:  30 each leg
Training Tip:  Push your hips forward and up as you stand and press your heel into the riser.

Back Extensions:

Duration: 30 repetitions
Training Tip: As you exhale and lift your upper trunk to the ceiling, squeeze and tighten your glutes so they burn. Lower, relax your upper body and repeat with momentum.

Cardio Finale:

Step Mill, 30-minute session, skipping every other step on level 7-9.

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