Pre Workout Insult

Mar 25, 2014
Pre Workout Insult

I'm tired of supplement companies lying to us

I HATE being lied to. And I am going to start calling it like I see it! Enough is Enough!

I HATE being lied to. I hate that there are actually supplement companies which exist in todays marketplace that would otherwise make a few dollars only to market their sh*tty products and or services. Being an educator in the field of fitness and exercise, I have always taken issues with trainers and "experts" who I would see training their clients the wrong way. This always expressed either a clear lack of education or facts on why they were having a 220lbs. 40 year old woman try to balance on a medicine ball while curling dumbbells, or they truly wanted them to fail by stalling their results only to get more sessions out of them. Bottom line, the folks who are trusting that their "Trainers" know what they are doing are being duped! They are spending money on a moron training them or someone who cares less about their success, and more about lining their pockets and prolonging their career. 

Frankly this happens all too often, but it is fairly easy to spot for even the most novice of fitness enthusiast when it comes to picking up weights. You know what I am talking about don't you? It doesn't matter if you are the type who would or wouldn't hire a personal trainer or follow a program from someone like myself, but would it be fairly clear to spot a BS program, whether you were dong it yourself or watching someone else being trained by a useless expert wouldn't it? I'm thinking those that are reading this would say yes with confidence. But would you be able to do the same with any Pre Workout Supplement? 

Now, what has really started to get under my skin lately is the same type of criminal and thoughtless process Supplement Companies embrace when it comes to providing supplements in which they claim that they are the next best thing to help propel your workout to the top of its game. 


The Bigger problem is that many truly have little interest in researching the label of ingredients most product have listed and what their intended purposes are, much less understand how much of the unfamiliar ingredient they need in order to see results. We as consumers want to trust that these companies are selling us products that are going to help us reach our goals. 

The problem is they are having us balance on that same "metaphorical" stability ball laughing all the way to the bank. This is really upsetting as I see more an more companies out their following the leader all the way to the land of milk and honey.

So what can you do to spot who these guys are and what they are doing?

Once you understand the simple facts when it comes to most products, you can easily pin-point who the "Self-Proclaimed" best supplement companies and products out in the market only to fool you. 

Pre Workout Workshop

Since most who take supplements usually take a Pre-Workout I will start here.

Step 1- Turn the bottle around

Step 2- Less than 15grams per serving? (In other words how big is the scooper) 

(If it passes Step 2 move to Step 3)

Step 3- If any ingredients are listed without an actual dose such as a gram or mg listed and has a "Proprietary Blend, or Matrix of a bunch of ingredients listed, See example below


Lets just add up the above "formula" shall we?

3,000 mg sounds great right? WRONG! That is ONLY 3 GRAMS. (about the size of your pinky fingernail). 

What type of creatine or beta-alanine works with such a small dose? The easy answer? NONE!

Here is the interesting part about this "Pre Workout" Formula. Not only are they listing a small little dose which gives you not even a fraction of product, but they actually have a warning on the label saying how not to exceed use for 5-7 days straight and that you need 1-3 scoops? Huh? I don't know about you, but the last time I checked frequent use of creatine and beta-alanine, and other ingredients was a good thing in order to keep your muscles saturated with nutrients. Sounds like there might be some "missing" ingredients that they forgot to include on the label. 

Here is the bigger problem. What they are NOT telling you the reason is, more than likely, is because the product probably has "other" products in it that could result in issues with prolonged use. While I may be assuming too much here to call foul, thats the problem right there isn't it? I have to assume the worst because the math just doesn't add up. What else are we to assume when certain supplement companies with other similar "formulas" have been found to have traces of meth-amphetamines in them, and since have been banned in the marketplace.

1-3 scoops? 

So in other words why not just give me a 15g serving size scooper vs. a tiny 5grams scooper? The answer is so they can market that 50 serving size to make you think you are getting more when you are getting LESS. If they were to give us the 15g scooper that would take the total serving size of the entire bottle all the way down to 16.6 servings. Wait, what!? Yea talk about getting screwed. And on top of that, you are missing key ingredients like Branch Chain Amino Acids, Betaine and others. Where are you going to get those other essential ingredients? Thats right….from the same company because they have a product for you that has those in another "formula". Its a Gimmick and it HAS to stop! 

The problems can go even further. Some companies who have done this for years are now feeling the pressure as we the consumers are turning up the heat and making it known that we are on to them. Like what any crook does when they get caught...the fingers start pointing to the other and all of a sudden these companies are now claiming to carry the torch on non-proprietary blends and correctly dosed formulas. What? How can they even get away with that when they were the ones who were originally to blame for this mess? Why would a company need to come out with a second (2.0) or third (3.0) version of the same Pre Workout Product (insert laugh)? Why the hell would I trust you if the first 2 versions were not good enough that you had to come out with 2 others? I'm no scientist, but I have not heard of anything ground breaking that was not available a few years ago that isn't today. What did you put into your product NOW that was so different from what you COULD HAVE DONE a few years ago? The answer? Nothing. Back then you wanted the high margin and sold products based on the un-education of the consumers. Sorry, time is up and you are being called out! 

To date I have noticed that some companies are trying to follow the lines of companies that started with the thought in mind of doing whats right by the consumer.

So be careful when it comes into putting products into your body and become educated on what is important to understand. Hopefully you too can start un-covering whats really going on when it comes to the results you and I want to gain. 

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