Push Those Pedals

Feb 28, 2012
Push Those Pedals

A great cardio article from Lisa Robins

By Lisa Robins



Spin your current cardio routine into a spiral with an intoxicating spin session. Spinning not only builds strong quads, hamstrings and glutes, but will shake-up your current cardio routine into a sweaty, heart-pumping high.


Get the 411 on what goes into an effective spin session before you dare to park yourself on a bike.


Spinning Garble:


Pedal Stroke:

Often related to the face of a clock, or drawing a circle. It is the way in which the pedal turns by the stroke of your leg and foot, which should be smooth and fluid.



The rate your leg rotates or also referred to as the RPM, or revolutions per minute.



The wheel on the spinner bike that compresses against the resistance knob as it is turned to the right to add resistance or turned to the left, to decrease resistance.



Spin bikes have clip-in pedals that allow cyclists to attachcycling shoes to the pedals for a secure fit, which helps establish a smooth and efficient pedal stroke.



The seat on the spinner, which can be used with or without a gel cover to relieve initial soreness.



A low, body position that is created by ‘hovering’ over the handlebars, with enough resistance on the pedals to raise your body out of your saddle.



Pedaling as fast as you can, with decreased resistance.



Simulating riding uphill, you will push the pedals with increased resistance to get to the top. Can be performed either in or out of the saddle.



An advanced move that moves the rider in and out of the saddle in a smooth, controlled movement that relies on timing, balance and muscular shifting.



Mixing it up… Climbs, sprints, jumps, position shift, etc. Alternating movements for set amounts of time, which are directed by your instructor. 


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