Supplement Alert: Hit Me Up With The HMB

Mar 21, 2010
Supplement Alert:  Hit Me Up With The HMB

Push, pull, lift….If you are like me, these familiar words are daily mental commands we tell ourselves every day, while we attack those heavy weights in the gym, with the hope of making big muscular gains.

No matter how hard you hit each muscle group week after week, proper supplementation is a must in order to reap the rewards of all the hard work you invest in that precious physique.

HMB are the three magic letters that stand for beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, an amino acid that has recently gained attention in the world of fitness for its unbelievable muscle-building properties. Science shows that HMB will not only trim body fat and help build lean, good-quality muscle, but increase muscular strength, as well. An added plus is that HMB has proven dramatic overall health benefits; The power to lower LDL cholesterol, assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure and even lower the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease.

If you eat grapefruits, alfalfa or even catfish, you are getting HMB in your diet, but a dietary supplementation of HMB is a way-more efficient option to get the right amount of this unbelievable amino acid in your body. Men and Women, after hitting the weights, take 3-5 grams of HMB . If you are not a pill swallower, no worries, many powder and sport drink formulations include HMB to aid in muscle synthesis.


SCI-FIT® HMB CAPSULES: 100% pure pharmaceutical grade that in trial after trial show improvements in recovery time between training sessions, resulting in gains in strength and lean muscle mass.


SCI-FIT® HMB 2500 : A patented, 100% pure powder that can be added to any whey powder for a protein-packed HMB explosion to drink after your workout. On non-training days, take 2 teaspoons of HMB 2500 with your last meal of the day.


SCI-FIT® SHOCKWAVE™: This dual phase formulation’s secret is the dynamic duo of KARBO-LYN, SCI-FIT’s ultimate Creatine formulation AND HMB. Science shows that when these two supplements are paired together, they work as an explosive team for dynamic muscle building results. Mix with water, drink after you lift and let the SHOCKWAVE do it’s job.

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