The Great Leg Day!

Jun 17, 2015
The Great Leg Day!

If you want to add size and Strength to your legs, this is your plan

If you want a workout that is guaranteed to add size and strength in the lower body, this is the plan for you. Many people who train legs simply do not understand that the way in which you execute the exercise can have a direct impact on the results you achieve. For instance the leg press many be one of the easiest leg exercises that you can think of doing when training legs. However, this simple enough movement does have specific techniques that are utilized and should be outlined when doing legs. You cant just throw in random exercises in a variety that has no thought or flow to it. Each time you train specific thins such as technique, sets, reps and exercise selection must be outlined in a fashion that allows for progressions and results to take place. The below workout does just that! 

Repeat the same workout twice per week for a total of 4 weeks. 

Week 1

Day 1

ExerciseSetsRepsMuscle Group
Seated Machine Leg Extension Both Legs215Legs
Prone Machine Leg Curl Both Legs215Legs
Machine Leg Press Both Legs510Legs
Seated Machine Leg Extension Both Legs36Legs
Prone Machine Leg Curl Both Legs36Legs
Barbell Straight Legged Deadlift312Legs
Standing Cable Leg Curl One leg315Legs
Barbell Walking Lunge325Legs
Jump Squat325Legs

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