The Truth about Caffeine and Ephedrine: Are They for Performance?

Oct 01, 2008
The Truth about Caffeine and Ephedrine: Are They for Performance?

Get the facts on why you should or shouldn't take these two types of supplements.

Do Caffeine and Ephedrine really help with Strength while working out? Do you feel like you need a boost to get going and want a really good workout? You might try taking a supplement that has Caffeine or 10mg of ephedrine (which is now back on the market in certain doses by certain brands). The question you might have is, do they really help with your workout? Concerns from the national Olympic committee certainly has drawn its own concerns and attention as these 2 supplements have been banned for any Olympic athlete to consume. Yup, that means athletes can’t even drink coffee before competition. So the question remains do these 2 types of supplements actually play a role in performance?

Well, certainly they will give you a boost of energy to help you get through, and help promote the body to burn fat, however in a study published in the National Strength and Conditioning Journal finding’s of a boost in performance fall quite short of this theory. These types of ingredients play no role in actually helping you acquire muscle strength other than giving you the perception you that you are performing at a higher level.

Energy, Yes. Strength , No.

9 individuals were given both a placebo (a product with no inherent difference or affect if taken or not taken) and actual supplementation in random, and tested for 1rep max (1RM) in the Bench Press and the Lat Pull downs. The individuals then performed an anaerobic test to determine their fatigue and power output. Although the perception of both placebo group and control group did report that they felt a difference, no change in any of the test showed a significant difference in taking these products for power output. So bottom line, if your goal is to gain some energy and help promote fat loss, taking these 2 supplements has shown to be effective, however as far as performance or strength and power…probably not.

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