Tone your Shoulders Easily...

Aug 13, 2009
Tone your Shoulders Easily...

A little Chip on the Shoulders

Women who want shapely, sexy, yet defined shoulders need to understand a few things.

  1. You need to get over the myth that you're gonna get boulder side shoulders by picking up weights
  2. Must understand that you need to push yourself with heavier weights
  3. Trust US

Bottom line women….. You're estrogen based.

Unless you are taking testosterone pills or injections picking up weights will not make you big and bulky. What they will do is make you burn more fat and build more muscle. Don't be afraid of those phrases being put together. BUILD MORE MUSCLE. That is what you want. The problem is the phrase represents in-appropriate myths about how that is defined with respect to women. The female in the video below squats 225lbs., bench presses 145lbs. and does shoulder presses with 40lbs. Bottom line you will not get HUGE, you will get more defined and shapely as God intended you to be.

SO if your looking for a way to cut down on that flab behind your arm and show off those sexy arms and shapely shoulders then we recommend the following routine...

Side Raise

Front Raise

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