Train INTENSE within a set Muscle Group

Oct 16, 2008
Train INTENSE within a set Muscle Group

Is HIT Training the best? Perhaps. But Training for a Goal is most important!!!

Resistance Training is the best way to burn excess fat and calories when compared to any other physical activity. Research has proven this. But what is the best way to Train?


Some believe that lifting the heavy weights and lower is all you need. Some think that light weight more reps is the way. Some stick by a combination of both and never change the routine.


So what is it better?


To be honest no one answer is better than the other. It all really comes down to what your goal is. If you’re looking to gain massive amounts of strength with little muscle endurance, then yes, train heavy and with lower reps is the way. If you’re looking more for Muscle Hypertrophy and muscular endurance, then yes, train with lighter weight and more reps.


But quite honestly the best way to train is to utilize many varieties of training principles that change within a planned amount of time and are designed for your goal. H.I.T. or High Intensity Training is a concept that has been widely renowned for the strenuous exhausting loads is puts on the body. Typically this type of training focuses on the total body being put through a series of circuits in and in some cases are timed exercises. It is good to train like this, but like anything else only leads to the body adapting over time.


So what is the answer?

Here is my suggestion. Incorporate a variety of techniques into your workout routine and Super Set smaller exercises that can be done with the HIT principles but don’t train the WHOLE body. Stick to one or 2 muscle groups and train them in accordance with a planned resistance Training Schedule.


In the video below you will be able to see this in action. This would be an example of High Intensity Training focusing on 2 major muscle groups: Chest and Arms. This would be the maximal number and types of exercises I would suggest when training with the H.I.T. principles. The body only has the capacity to be put through work within the 2nd energy system (Glycolytic) which means that unless your goal is to train for a marathon, it is not necessary to put the body through strenuous work more than 90-120 seconds per set. In this exercise routine in the video I would execute 3-4 sets.

Muscle Specific Upper Body HIT Video

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