Traveling and Staying Fit

Mar 26, 2008
Traveling and Staying Fit

Having trouble finding a gym when on vacation? Don't know if you have enough time to fit in a workout between eating and trips to the beach. Not a problem. We have the simple answer to staying in shape over your next vacation!!

For many of the millions of people who travel all over for business related trips or that vacation that we ever so dearly owe to ourselves and our spouses fear not leaving the realm of your fitness sanctuary, as this article will help you see the light and make sure you don’t miss your routine back at home.

Most people forget about fitness when they travel. The “hardcore” ones will usually locate and find the nearest fitness facility to make sure they get their “fix” in while away from home. If fitness is not that much of a necessity while away on trips, you must consider that it needs to be one. Failing a consistent routine and exercise protocol can lead to excuses later on when you get back home as to not go back at all. To many people who choose to take a week or two off usually never get back into an exercise program. The key is to stay consistent and not stray away at all even when you think you have a valid excuse. Now with these useful hints and tips, there should be no room for those excuses. If you have 20 minutes to spare per day while you are away then you will be fine.

Here are some tips that can help you out.

The Perfect Equipment

1.) Get a set of the Bodylastic Bands to take with you on trips. It takes no more space than a shirt but can be a universal gym that you can take anywhere.

The Program


Take a few minutes to stretch by bending down and reaching for your toes and back up reaching over head. Do this about 30-40 times before starting

Squat with band

Step on the bands and bring the handles up around the shoulders and squat down and come back up to the starting position. Execute 4 sets with 15 repetitions


Either drop to the floor or use a desk or the edge of the bed if you cannot do a full pushup. Execute 4 sets with 10 repetitions.

Bicep Curl with band

Stand on the band the same way you did squats and simply curl your arms up squeezing your biceps. Execute 3 sets, keeping the repetitions 10-12.

Shoulder Press with band

Simply keep the band in the same position as you did squats and curls, now only press upward overhead for a shoulder press with both arms. Execute 3 sets 15 times.

Laying on Ground crunches

(With Band Optional)- Lay flat on your back and bring your legs up so the knees are bent place the band around a bed post and hold the handles by your chest. Now sit up and perform a crunch squeezing your mid section slowly by minimizing the space in you gut area to meet with you hips. DO NOT try and sit all the way up.

Execute 3 sets 20-30 times. Depending on how long you are away do this routine on a daily basis. And their you have it. A full body workout all in about 20 minutes. By doing this simple routine you will feel rejuvenated and ready to continue with the rest of your trip and or vacation.

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