Using The Bands While You Bench

Sep 17, 2008
Using The Bands While You Bench

The Increased resistance Training benefit when you bench!!

Want to Gain an edge and make some gains on your Bench?


Have you ever been stuck in a plateau when you go through the weeks of trying to increase your bench? Sure you have. We all have. I myself tried every technique I could think of to really gain an edge on overcoming this tiresome obstacle in hopes to increase my strength, and mass in my chest. Different sets, reps, weight, pyramid up, pyramid down, everything and with little or no success. I soon realized that by changing the speed of the movement, and by having the weight ratio also change as you push up concentrically, or guide down eccentrically, are just as important as the sets, reps, and the muscles time under tension.

With my own individual rough research, I found a solution that has been catching on ever since. I came across a little known secret and now I am the center attraction in the gym. Now I see more and more people trying my new found technique for themselves, and the results are proof enough that it does work.


What is it?

Well simply enough, its incorporating something called the Bodylastics Strength Bands while executing the Barbell Bench Press. The set up is easy. Take the straps that are in the kit and place them on the outside edges of the bar, after you load up the plates. Next, take each individual band and wrap it underneath the bar beneath the actual bench. If there is not bar under the bench to wrap the bands under, simply place a heavy dumbbell and use that as an anchor. Next follow the steps in the video and get going.

How do you Set it up?

What’s the benefit?


If you have ever benched before you are most likely familiar with the feeling of pushing the bar just past the sticking point (halfway point on the way up) and finally getting that last push to lock your arms straight and get the weight up. When you do this, the muscles don't fully contract at the top and for a split second due to the bars momentum from the push, your joints take over to get that last inch or so to complete the lift. When you use the strength bands this is not the case, because there is absolutely no momentum and no sticking point to push through. The bands increasingly force the weight down the more you push up. Your muscles contract much harder from the weight getting progressively heavier. When you use the strength bands in a manner such as this, or incorporate it into your structured routine or program, you force your body to work harder, and will eventually build more muscle efficiently and effectively.

In various studies the results showed a significant increase in overall strength, and Power in 1RM (1 rep max) for the Bench press. In one particular study done at Cornell University, an overall increase in the 1RM for both the Bench, and the Squat, was 3 times greater and recorded in individuals who trained with this Increased Resistance Method. The conclusion was determined that "Training with an elastic resistance with Free Weight may be better than Free Weights alone for developing Lower and Upper Body Strength, and Lower Body Power in Resistance Trained Individuals."


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Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Barbell Bench Press On Bench With Band 3 20 Chest
Standard Push Ups On Ground/Power Push Up 3 6 Chest
Barbell Bench Press On Bench 3 3 Chest
Standing Chest Fly With Band One Arm 3 10 Chest
Dumbbell Bench Press On Bench Alternating Arms 3 8 Chest
Standing Mid Cable Flys Alternating Arms 3 10 Chest
Standing Bicep Curl Barbell Both Arms 3 10 Arms
Standing Bicep Curl With Band Both Arms 3 25 Arms
Standing Cable Triceps Extension Both Arms 3 15 Arms
Standing Both Legs Over Head Tricep Extension Both Arms 3 15 Arms
Tri-Set 0 0 TIPS
Standing Bicep Curl Barbell With Band Both Arms 3 12 Arms
Standing Kickbacks Both Arms With Band 3 15 Arms
Dips 3 10 Chest
Laying on Ball Abdominal Crunches Hands Straight Up With Band 3 20 Abs
Leg Lifts on Ball 3 15 Abs

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