Muscle & Fitness Trainer

Muscle & Fitness Trainer designed to Bring the Elements found in the Magazine to Life in a Virtual and Interactive way. We are the only ones who have taken the time and the initiative to provide the most sophisticated and comprehensive Training system on the market and bring it to you the User. Magazine group.jpg

The 5 Lifestyles of Muscle & Fitness

Each Lifestyle is structured with unique information provided for your general Fitness Interest.



Muscle & Fitness Trainer HIS is for the above average Male. This Lifestyle was developed around the Fitness Enthusiast who takes his Training seriously, however carries out a daily routine and has an intense career. In this Lifestyle we make training simple yet effective to apply and fit into your daily schedule.



Muscle & Fitness Trainer HERS is for the above average Female. This Lifestyle was developed for those women who are not afraid to pick up the Weights. These women have careers but make it a point to exercise daily because they understand that it takes a little work and effort to get the toned and healthy bodies they want.



Muscle & Fitness Trainer HARDCORE is for the serious Hardcore Fitness Enthusiast. These individuals take their Training more serious than most. They are not the norm and are proud that they have separated themselves from the rest.

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Muscle & Fitness Trainer SPORTS SPECIFIC was developed with the Athlete in Mind. These individuals are completely focused on training and following a Strict schedule as to help improve their skills on the field or court.

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Muscle & Fitness Trainer OVER 50 was developed for the Baby Boomer Generation. These individuals have since either retired or are at the tail end of their careers. They have ample time to take up or continue a highly effective Physical Fitness or Exercise routine that his help them either gain or continue to stay strong for the years ahead.


Each one of these Lifestyle above have been filtered into 126 Goal Specific Profiles. As you fill out the questionnaire the system can identify your goal and filter you into the exact profile you need based on your needs. Each Profile has exclusive Custom Workouts, Nutrition, and Supplementation all geared for your exact Goal.