If you have ever taken your training seriously, then you know how essential protein is when you train. After all, Protein is what muscles use to grow. Sure Carbs, and even fat are used for fuel and help when you workout, but there is no denying the value of what Protein has to offer.

Now, many have debated in the past as to whether or not to consume protein powder or supplements when training, however the individuals who trumpet against taking a protein supplement clearly just ignore, or perhaps, do not educate themselves on the benefi ts and in most cases the advantages of taking a powder vs. conventional foods such as chicken breasts. Chicken, eggs, red meat, as well as other foods sources obviously contain protein- and you do get protein from them when consumed, however, the rate of absorption is not fast enough to directly benefi t the muscles being trained, especially right before you train. Be honest with yourself, do you see yourself eating an 8 oz. chicken breast with 6 egg whites right before you train? I didn’t think so. The role of supplement protein needs to be a foundation when you train. Much like taking a multi vitamin every day, protein needs to be at the top of your list if you are any type of fi tness enthusiast.

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