My name is dave, i’m 33. I just recently went to the doctor and had a full physical and blood tests with the treadmill run w/ekg. The doc said that my protein was high and asked if I use any supplements, specifically “protein powders” and I staed that I did, she told me that the “powders” are what give body builders liver and kidney failure later in life. How true is this?

By the way she said I am very healthy and fit.

thanks for your time, Dave

Well, I am not really comfortable following up a doctors comment because I am just a guy that works out, and what I say here should not be considered medical advice. With that said, to me it seems like anything else from the medical community, one week something is good for you and the next it is horrible.
Personally, I believe that living healthy –as we bodybuilders understand it – it great. I am sure your doctor would rather see you have a protein powder than a Bag Mac. Not to mention that the people that eat the protein powders also go to the gym and exercise a lot more than the Big Mac crowd.

Me, I have had 1 -2 protein shakes a day for at least 15 years now and I am not worried.



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