Boulder Shoulders?

I recently saw an article on Muscle & Fitness titled ‘Bolder Shoulders’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I tried this program out with working chest and abs during the same 6 week period. I also increased 5 lbs every week on the Overhead Press. After 6 weeks, I saw little growth in my shoulders, and no definition. I know you should start with presses and work your way into laterals. What do you recommend to spark growth in my shoulders and also put some definition. The main thing I want is growth in my deltoids. Please help.

I did not see that exact program although I must admit, I have used LOTS of the workouts published in M&F over the past 20 years.

For the delts, I have an idea… Try standing overhead dumbbell presses as the main movement. You will find these are harder than sitting and most likely what you got for 8 reps seated willbe your 2-3 rep max. Do 4-5 sets and superset in light- weight side laterals with STRICT form… 8-12 reps.

Include upright rows, hang cleans and front raises in the workout. Shoud be great for what you’re looking for!

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