College Kid

I am a full-time college student who also works near full time. Between school, work, and homework I don’t have the luxury to pack/cook good food to last a complete 16 hours a day in a lunch box or even hit the gym on days other than the weekend. I have been going back and forth from cereal and eggs in the morning, a serving of vegetables and Grilled Chicken for lunch, and what eve is convenient for dinner between work and school. I workout, do yard work, etc on the weekends. What kind of advice to you have for me to build a little muscle and lose a little fat with the little time I have?

I’m not sure how detailed you want to get but here are some simple rules: 1) Exercise every day 2) Never eat fast food – NEVER 3) Nothing fried or Parmed 4) Tapper down your eating as you get closer to bet time 5) Try to plan your best for meals 6) Protein powder as a fill in meal over protein bars 7) No snacking



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