low carb/high carb days

Hey Chris, like you Im vertically challenged but over the years. I’ve started to become horizontally challenged. I am 66 inches tall and weigh at 176. My goal is to be at 165 of shredded muscles. My budget allows me to consume at the most 200 g of protein. Since this is my first foray into nutrition i want to understand the concept of low carbs/high carbs days and its application. I need to detox the confusion! Thanks for any info!

Here is the deal… you have protein, carbohydrate and fat as your 3 “macro nutrients.” All are important for optimal health. Of these three protein is the least likely to make you “fat” because it involves some extra steps for your body to break it down, and then decide to “store” as body fat. Another part of this is that protein consumption triggers a lower insulin response, and insulin is responsible for using/storing calories.

So the ideas came that to get lean you should eat more protein and less carbs. Does this work? I think so! In my opinion, in a perfect diet for leaning out, your intake should be 50% protein 35% Carbs 15% fats.
To answer your question the theory of a high carb day is; every 3rd, 4th or 5th day, kick those carbs up. This will allow your muscles to remain healthy and full, and stop your metabolism for slowing down and adjusting to a set protein/carb/fat plan. For these days 25% Protein, 55% Carbs and 20% fat would be my target.

There is actually more to this story, but I think this is a good reference point for you to start from. Let me know if there are any follow-up questions.



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