Hello my name is Benjamin, I have been lifting for years but have never, no matter what i do, i cannot get lean……i was a plolice officer here in colorado, worked out consistently but never lean…i weigh appr. sux for me cuz i cannot see my abs…..i workout mon-chest back—-tues-legs—-wed—shoudlers and arms—-thurs—rest—fri—light chest and back—fast paced….sat— paced…..sun—rest…my diet is the same…..breakfast 1cup oatmeal 1scoop protein..lunch 1 cup rice 1 chicken breast….work out then 2 scoops protien with 2 average size strawberries….dinner 1chicken breast with spinach salad…tomatoes…evening snack almonds..approx. 12….9pm 1 scoop protein then bedtime…on my non-workout days my diet is the same minus the oatmeal….the only cardio i can handle is 2 walk twice a week due 2 the brain injury suffered…

Well, I consider myself to be a more hard core lifter, but have you ever tried a P90X type training or a CrossFit class? I know that style burns crazy calories and builds muscle.

If you really want to go hard, try training twice a day for a period. Setting off all of the anabolic trigers two times a day may be just what you need to hit a new level.

I also should say I know nothing about training with a brain injury, so you might want to check with your doctor first.



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