After a baby

iI don’t know where to start after having my daughter the weight is so hard to lose.

My wife had our first kid 19 months before having our twins, so I know it can be a lot on a woman.

Don’t feel lost. The same stuff that works for regular people works for post-partum.
– Exercise every day – Don’t eat junk food – NEVER eat fast food or Fried food – Try not to eat too much before bed – Make sure you push yourself during your workouts, and you are not just going through the motions – Set small goals and reach them… your first goal should be to work out at least 12 times in the next 2 weeks. Then make a goal to lost 5 pounds, then make a goal to do the distance you normally do in ½ hr cardio in less time, etc.

Most of all, enjoy the baby and let exercise help to keep a positive vibe in your life



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