Losing Weight for my PT Test

I am 25 years old, 6'2", 261 lbs. I’ve tried almost every diet under the sun but it’s hard to keep with anything and be strict enough to see any kind of results because I’m in the military and don’t have any kind of set schedule.

According to the military I’m supposed to be about 204lbs and/or 22% BMI or under. We workout every workday unless we are in the field, and have stressful training sessions even when we are out in the woods somewhere.

I’ve been active duty for almost 4 years now and have stayed borderlined on my BMI the entire time fluctuating within 2% under or over my limit, but even during my last deployment to Iraq my lowest weight was 239lbs and I was still 19-20% BMI. We run alot, around 20-30 miles a week for cardio and never lift weights anymore, only pushups and situps for muscular endurance and that’s only because those are our 3 events for our PT test.

I eat good, lots of veggies, good meats like grilled chicken or sirloin steak, fruits every now and then, and am not a huge fast food eater but with a pregnant wife and the hectic schedule I mentioned before sometimes it happens.

What can I do to burn this fat and build? I’ve been told to try extreme high protein diets and have recently started an MMA based diet of all natural foods and the “eat less more often” technique, but gained 4 lbs within the first week or so.

I’ve also been told to lift like a pro body builder too, because of my frame, I’m a naturally big guy, weighing 320lbs prior to enlisting and dropping to 247lbs within 6 months in order to sign my contract.

I sure hope you can help me, my job could soon be depending on my weight loss.

Wow – a lot of pressure on this answer… First off I think the whole BMI thing, as it is charted now, it total bull. All the cardio you are doing is a good start. Who ever told you to eat extremely high levels of protein is 80% right. Protein is much less likely to be stored as fat then carbs/fat, and actually requires energy to be digested… that is right burns calories just eating protein. On a different not, you might want to go to your doctor and request a physical and have him note that despite the fact your weight is higher than it should be per the chart, you are in perfect physical health, blood pressure, etc. I did this for life insurance once. And NEVER eat fast food!



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