Gaining lean weight

So, I just got done doing my first amateur bodybuilding competition, but I would like to make sure all the mass I put back on is lean, and do not want to be a stereotypical bodybuilder in the off season. While cutting I worked down to 155 and about 4-5 percent bodyfat by carb cycling:

1 day carb: 300g prot: 200g fat: 60; 3 day carb: 150 prot: 250 fat: 70.

Before beginning to cut, I was about 10 percent bodyfat at 190 pounds.

What would be the best way to start gaining muscle in a building program while only putting on lean body mass as far as dieting is concerned?

First off, check you numbers…. if you were 190 at 10% BF then dieted down you would be no less than 171… So competing at 155 does not add up.

Not that your conditioning was bad, just sayin check the numbers.

There are a few other questions to figure in… age, activity level, etc.

The truth is that what ever got you into top shape will keep you there… Maybe a little less cardio but not that much different. Make sure to get the lifts heavier. Set short term goals and work for them



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