when is too much training and cardio?

I am 38, 241 lbs. I work out hard at least 4/5 days a week. I wanna drop 20 lbs. For summer. I know it will really define me. What I am concerned with is if I am training w weights for on the regular at least an hour then if I add 35/40 mins. Of cardio Is that too much? When does my body start burning muscle and would I be going into that 30/40 min. Window to get the isolate protein and carb. Meal?

OK, there are a few questions here….

First off, if you are doing cardio but still have 20 pounds to drop, then you are not doing too much cardio. Your weight training can be cardio too, keep the pace fast and throw an extra set into most exercises to burn even or calories.

Going stright from the cardio into lifting (or visa versa) does butn a lot of calories. Alwaus lift first and cardio second.

If you are worried about the post workout meal, dont be. Like I said, if you really have 20 lbs to drop your not so down-to-the-wire that your post work out meal needs to be at such an exact time.

Sometimes we all get bogged down with the details and do not see the big picture.



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