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I am 35 years old. I weigh 280 pounds. I have good strength, size and definition. My main weakness is the size of my arms in relation to rest of my body. Over the years i have tried various routines from light to heavy , once a week to twice a week routines,I have also cut back on volume of other lifts to concentrate on arm development in the past. i always use strict form. When i was younger i was a sprinter and rugby player. My triceps are strong and bicep strength is ok. i know genetics will play a part in my development. I have tried many routines , could you suggest one i could follow that could get me results

My arms are my weak point too. first off I would say, you are best off training tris with chest and bis with back. Some people have a “arms day” but I do not think this will work for you.

For Tris, dont worry about weight, just make sure to really focus on the muscle as you do the movements. If you isolate the tris well, they should burn at the end of your sets.

For bis, look at pump vs power… What do I mean? Go heavy and a little sloppy some sets, and then do some higher reps sets to get a crazy pump going. The nice thing about bis, they are one muscle where you can really get a pump. I like to superset heaby hammer curls, with fast paced alternating dumbbell curls for a few sets.

Hope this helps!



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