individual or full body work outs?

I am 45yrs of age and have been hitting the gym for at least 5-7 years now first thing in the morning 3-4 times a week approx.60-90 minutes each and have tried many workouts from various mags and online articles. I’m 160 lbs and in the last 6 months have shown noticeable strength gains since starting a Jacked 3d supplement before the work out. Although you can tell there is some muscle and shape I would like to get rid of the layers of fat that cover most of it all (mainly the spare tire bothers me the most). What is the best workout to not only gain a little more size but to lose the spare tire and cut down some of the flab,Would you recommend a full body or individual muscle days.

A pre workout like yours or 1MR can really go a long way. It sounds like your weight lifting is on track, see if you can do the same workout in a little less time… As in speed up the workout. Then hit a extra little cardio at the end.



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