I have been competing in figure for 4 years, and I am curious to know what you think are the best muscle-building carbs, and how much a small person such as myself(5'4-122lbs) should eat per meal. I have 105 lbs lean mass. Trying to build a few more lbs of muscle. Right now I am leaning down for a show at the end of July. I have about 6-7 lbs to lose.What are the best carbs and how much at this point?

I really cannot offer too much to a figure person as all my diet knowledge is BBing.

Remember, carbs with protein is ok, carbs alone is dangerous. Carbs in the first meal, pre/post workout are good, most other times of day are bad.

It is really hard to give diet advise on just one part of the diet, as a good “diet” is really the sum of the whole – and tied in to your training.



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