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Dear M&F,

I have had an ongoing concern for about five years. Last year I was hospitalized as a result of the complication. Turns out I had pericarditis/pleurisy and had some severe inflamation that made it nearly impossible to breathe. My doctors don’t have many answers, but I have been able to deduce that the cause of the condition is a result of lifting heavy weights over my shoulders. Examples of the cause would be a military press or a clean and jerk. Doing heavy squats will also trigger the condition. If I go heavy on these lifts I end up in severe pain and can barely breathe within 48 hours. It is depressing for me as I truly enjoy lifting, but I am limited by an unknown. Any ideas what’s wrong with me or do you have a recommended Sports Science contact in Los Angeles that would have more answers than my current doctors?



Sir – sorry to disappoint, but this is outside my knowledge zone



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