split routine

Hi buddy. Anas here. Doing the game with more motivation with your tips. My question is that i am going to gym since 2 years. i did one day gap a week. But now my office timings are changed. Now it is impossible for me to go to gym more than 4 days a week coz the left three days im in office from after noon to late night and my gym does not open in morning. There is no another gym near my home. Please tell me if it is ok to have a three days regular off in week? and what split routine will be better? Thanks.

I think that for adding muscle madd 4 days is enough. If you were getting ready for a bodybuilding contest, you would need more.

Also, don’t neglect cardio – and you do not need a gym for cardio. Perhaps you can go out for a jog on the days you can’t make it to the gym.



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