Best bulking workout

Id like to know would it be better to bulk with 6-8 reps real heavy, or 10-12 reps heavy with about 15-30sec rest or should rest be longer?

I do the 3sets of 6-8reps with 15sec rest. how should i change this to see results faster?

been dong this for about a month now

I dont’t think it is this clear cut. Def the lower rep range will be where you want to be, even 1s, 2s and 3s are worthwhile. 10-15 reps might fit the bill for your first few sets, to help you get warmed up and get the blood moving.

exercise selection matters – the big 3 (squats, bench, deads) plus cleans, shrugs. Go heavy whenever possible, include explosive movements, look to use chains or bands for variable resistance too!



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