Shoulders and back

What exercises and how many reps can I do to have evander Holyfields shoulders and back

You may have to fight Evander to get them, just dont bite his ear.

Actually, from what I’ve heard, he is a fan of bodybuilding and trains like a bodybuilder.

It is hard for me to outline a whole workout for you since I have never seen you in the gym, but here are some thoughts…

Do not train shoulders and back on the same day; there is too much to cover.

For Back, start with wide grip pull ups or lat pull downs to the front. then hit deadlifts, and hit them hard, work on your form to make sure you are doing them right so you dont get hurt. Also, bent over barbell rown and then dumbbell rows – one heavy and low reps, one lighter and high reps.

Shoulders… Military press, kind of heavy, but do not risk injury. Clean and presses can be a game changer to a lot of guys shoulder workouts – side and front dumbbell raises and upright rows are a must, and finish with barbell shrugs (as heavy as you can do them).



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