Protein consumption

When should you take your protein, before or after your workout? Like whey protein with L Glutamine added and maybe even creatine? I’m a 53 year old woman that enjoys weight training but not so much cardio. Thank you………Polly

Polly, in general, protein should be in every meal, chicken, fish, eggs, meat, dairy, etc.

If you mean a “shake” the answer is, whenever you cannot take food. Pre workout, whey is popular becasue it does not sit too heavy in the stomach, it is also popular as a post workout because is digests quickly and thus can replentish the body fast.

I personally use my shakes when I am on the go or when opening a container with stinky fish or chicken is not an option. I usally use SuperPro from BPI becasue there are a few carbs in there, so it is almost like a light meal replacement.



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