i want a sixpack

i am 17 years old 6 ft 2 inches tall and 200 pounds 38 inch waist and 20 percent bodyfat i want to get sixpack abs and get solid muscle my diet is morning 7am 12 eggwhites 2 hours later 2 boiled chicken breast and veggies basically i eat one whole boiled chicken every day and fish i weighttrain 6 days a week and do early morning cardio emty stomach i will take creatine and whey protein can you tell me what time i can take them

My Friend… at 17 there is a lot going on in your body… keep working out and hitting ther weights, that is the most important thing. Avoid junk food and just keep doing what you are doing. At your age you are actually setting the mold for how you will look in the future – work hard to send a good mold!



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