Testosterone Boosters

I am 53yrs old, and would like to gain bulk. I have lost in bmi was 22% now 15%… question does Testosterone Boosters really work? and can they be used if you are wanting to compete in the NPC/INFB or WNFB?

From everything I’ve ever read, it is fair to say that Test Levels drop as we get older, so at 53 Years old, it does seem like a good supplement option for you.

First off I would warn you to keep in mind the difference between “test boosters” and “pr-hormones.” I am sure you know the differemce, and in my mind, it is best to stay away all together from pro-hormones as they ase a little bit of a crap shoot for your health, liver and well being.

In the test booster world, there are many good options. Keep in mind that your use should be cycled. Always be extra careful when dealing with your natural hormone levels. Also look to stack in an anti-aromatase anti-estrogen product, infact for your first run, you might want to try a product like this alone. BPI’s A-HD is really the best, but there are others.

As for NPC/INBF dont worry about it. If you are not buying a pro hormone, and you got the supplement at a store you should be safe. I actually passed drug tests in two organizations while using A-HD last summer.

Hope this helps!



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