Wanting to lift weights!

I have been wanting to lift weights for a few yrs now but some Dr’s are telling me not to lift heavy weights.I have stripped the cartlidge in my left elbow due to repetitive work and it acts up alot.I can live with the pain if it is for a short period of time but will it completely destroy my arm?My elbow snaps,cracks and makes a grinding noise,all are very uncomfortable.I have been told that I can rebuild the cartlidge by some friends,Dr’s are sceptical about that.They tell me that nothing rebuilds cartlidge.Is it safe to lift and can I rebuild the cartlidge?

Well, I would listen to the Dr’s more than to meat heads like me. One way to see what hurts is to try some light workouts in the gym and see what happens.

Glucosimine (sp?) supplementation might help.



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