top muffin

I work out 6 days a wk… I don’t do excersice for my stomach because it hurts my back but I hate my stub or should I say plump, (not too large as I see some my age but plump enough) will or can I ever get rid of the pouch also it is were they cut me for my tubs tied.. the doctor says it will not go away unless I get a tummy tuck… I hate it legs good but getting there wieght is muscle now but my stomack man I hate it… My dream is to be able to not want to cover up my stomack with a sack over it….LOl I know it sounds silly but you just don’t know how much it hurts to never be able to wear a tank top or little shirt cut short or a blouse inside your pants it sucks not to be able too…. :–(

Do you have kids… I know that can really stretch out a stomach.

Reducing overall bodyfat is the answer.

can you throw more cardio into your workout? Can you pick up the speed of the workout to get the heart rate up?

½ an hour cardio late at night is a big trick too.



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