Hi I am 23 year old male graduate student. The past year and a half I have gotten back into working out and had a great meal plan and exercise regime. The first semester of graduate school I had an apartment and was able to make the meals I wanted and stayed very healthy. However this second semester I got a job on campus and was moved into a dorm with no kitchen. I do have a mean plan and that can be very unhealthy. They do try to make some healthy plates but not it being summer it’s very limited. What is your advice on Which foods to choose so I am not constantly eating sandwiches. They do a have a stir fry area with chicken noodles and rice and various veggies I do this occasionally with soy sauce or pesto sauce. Thanks so much.

I’d say, keep the sandwitched on whole wheat, no mayo.

Stir Fry? Im not too sure.

Its tuff, def a good protein supplement in the day, a supermarket will offer some options, usually there is grilled chicken in the deli section.

Fast food is Major No-No!!! If there is a Pollo Tropical near you there is a good good dish or two there.

Avoid side items in the school caf.



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