would you recommend using dhea to someone over 40?, is it safe?

Well, let me first say that I am not the Mayo Clinic or anything so I personally am not really qualified to deem something “safe.” From what I’ve seen on DHEA there does not seem to be many side effects but the people who write on it say there is always the possibility of side effects. So rather than trying to answer if I think it’s safe, let me answer this: “Would I personally consider using it?” … Yes. Also, I would say that to me, it seems safer than other options like “pro-hormones.”

Would I recommend it to someone over 40? Possibly. I personally believe that the best way to keep your body in the right hormonal balance is to keep exercising and through exercising, and weight training, make sure to keep your muscle mass intact which will go a long way to keep you looking and feeling young.

If you do use DHEA make sure to cycle it. That is use it for a period of time, then take time off. Think of it as prodding you body in the right direction, not life-long support. It is difficult for me to tell you the dosage because it will depend on the concentration in the product/bottle you use. I would say follow the directions on the bottle.

To Net it out: In my opinion, yes, this is a supplement worthy of consideration.

Here is a link that provides some good reading: http://www.webmd.com/diet/dhea-supplements?page=2



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